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Frequently Asked Questions


You are a “boutique” law firm.  Does that mean you are more expensive than a larger firm with many attorneys?


Not at all.  By “boutique” we mean that we select our cases just as clients select us.  We avoid expenses by carefully controlling overhead and by not over-extending our staff or physical plant.  We can provide large firm quality without all the bureaucracy.  This makes us agile, responsive to our clientele, and less expensive than a national name.


Your experience is wide-ranging and you don’t specialize in only matters like mine.  Shouldn’t I get a lawyer who does nothing but my kind of case?


I do have a specialty as does my firm.  Our specialty is problem solving.  Since a great deal of legal practice overlaps many, many areas, I have found that lessons learned and skills acquired in a large international case are often valuable in a routine local matter.  We concentrate on the human side of the law, we understand what this problem means to you, and we use 35 years of experience to deliver results.  Lastly, if we know of someone who we think is better for your case than we are, we will refer you to them.


My last lawyer was often difficult to contact.  Does your firm have a policy about returning telephone calls?


Yes.  Same day.  In no case more than 24 hours.


                                                                      How do your rates for business clients compare to what I am paying now in Boston, New York                                                                                                         and Washington?


                                                                      We do not over-staff cases or duplicate efforts, so our rates for even the most complicated business                                                                                                     matters are about half of what top-tier lawyers charge in major cities.  We also routinely conclude     

                                                                      matters faster than they can.


                                                                      Why should I use you?


                                                                      I don’t know if you should.  You may be a better fit elsewhere, but if the case or project is one which is                                                                                               within our skill and interest you will receive not only top-caliber legal work, but also the confidence that                                                                                             comes from a loyal and professional relationship.


                                                                     What sets you apart from others?

We have experience in large firms, international companies, high-profile cases and more which was gleaned in the world's major cities.  The quality of legal and consulting work is as fine as at the largest global law firms, but we bring it in for less of a price and with much more agility and responsiveness.                                          


Robert and Laurie McDaniel

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