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International Development





                                                                                                           The combination of legal expertise and real world international business

                                                                                                           experience makes us uniquely qualified to lead international economic 

                                                                                                           development efforts.  As in our legal practice, we believe in results. 


                                                                                                           The days  when economic development work consisted of writing a report on a

                                                                                                           country's economy and lecturing on  the  theory of "attracting foreign

                                                                                                           investment" are fast disappearing.  Emerging countries and their  governments

                                                                                                           are rightfully distressed at the lack of genuine progress.


                                                                                                           We take a bottom line approach to economic development. 


                                                                                                           In one Eastern European country I wrote the nation's International Trade Policy

                                                                                                           and saw it enacted into law.  We trained dozens of  people in what we call

                                                                                                           "economic diplomacy" and watched as they generated millions of euros in

                                                                                                           new business and grew their GDP at an annualized rate of 2.1%. 


We accomplished this in the real world of international commerce and we tracked it and measured it not by the number of people trained or the number who attended our meetings, but by the number of Euros that came into the country.


We also recognize that for emerging economies success in the global business world is closely tied to progress in establishing the Rule of Law.  Our Rule of Law training programs have been described by European Bar leaders as "the best training offered anywhere."


In addition to having served as the Head of Legal Affairs for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) at its largest diplomatic mission, I have served as a Professor of Law at the European School of Law and Governance where I taught Multi-National Contract Law, International Commercial Law, and Property Law for post-conflict countries by video live simulcasts to six countries.  I am now on the Board of Advisors and Faculty of the University of New Hampshire Law School International Law and Justice Program where I teach a variety of international topics.


Contact us to learn how our Rule of Law and Economic Diplomacy models can lead to genuine growth.








         Robert E. McDaniel lecturing diplomats in Eastern Europe

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