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Domestic and International Business Consulting


International business is among my chief interests and is an area where our practice can

add the most value to your organization.  We help businesses expand into new markets

safely and with confidence.  We build international and domestic partnerships, we train

executives on the conduct of overseas business, and we advise foreign governments, bar

associations and international organizations.


We also avoid problems for businesses by creating governance methods and protocols

which meet and exceed international best practices.  We install procedures for fraud

prevention, employee and HR matters, and global regulatory compliance.  We believe that

prevention is less expensive and less distracting than a crisis.  But we also manage crises.


Below is a list of some of our solutions:


Business strategies for new markets, U.S. companies venturing into global markets,

                           European and Asian companies expanding to the U.S., Europe or the

                           Middle East.


Cross-cultural relationship building


Corporate organization and governance


Executive training seminars


Government and regulatory matters


Internal investigations


Staffing, HR and personnel matters


Crisis management


Rule of law for international organizations and governments


Negotiations and team building



Robert E. McDaniel in London on business.

Our Cases
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