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                                                                 We fix legal problems.  

                                                                 If it is important, if it is complicated, we can deal with it.  We've been there before.


                                                                 Our approach to the practice of law is what it should be.  We provide the strategy,

                                                                 the execution and the calm, sensible and considered judgement that puts your

                                                                 life, your business and your future back together.


                                                                 Your situation may cause you to lose perspective and be overwhelmed by stress

                                                                 and worry.  We provide the perspective and the solutions using a custom-

                                                                 crafted, timely and cost-effective strategy. 

                                                                 We provide a wide range of legal services from complex international matters 

                                                                 to routine local criminal and civil cases.  We have clients in New Hampshire,

                                                                 Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Florida,

                                                                 Arizona, California, Alaska, Afghanistan, the Emirates, Italy, France, Germany,

                                                                 the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, Brazil and



                                                                 The matters we handle include:

                                                                                Civil Litigation

                                                                                Criminal Defense, State, Federal and International

                                                                                Commercial litigation, domestic and international arbitrations and ADR

                                                                                Business formation, governance, negotiations

                                                                                Licensing and commercial contracts

                                                                                Domestic and family matters, in the US and abroad

                                                                                Intellectual Property litigation

                                                                                White Collar Defense

                                                                                          Police Conduct and Civil Rights Litigation

                                                                                State and Federal investigatons including Grand Juries, Congressional,

                                                                                                   agency and regulatory matters

                                                                                SEC, SOCA, OFAC and other regulatory agencies

                                                                                Employment disputes and litigation

                                                                                Corporate good governance

                                                                                Acquisitions and Divestitures

                                                                                Joint Ventures and Partnerships

                                                                                Cross-cultural deal making


Our practice differs from others.  We stay focused on our clients, we return phone calls, we think, we worry, we plan and we share every bit of news with you.  When necessary we assemble a selected team of proven experts and resources.

We take on the entire client, not just a case.  Law the way it should be practiced.



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Robert E. McDaniel, attorney, with Laurie McDaniel, paralegal, at the McDaniel Law Office

During a rare break - studying something

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