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What we do. 

Here are some of the matters we have handled:

Brought and settled a business defamation action on behalf of a financial services firm.

Negotiated the resolution of a family real estate dispute valued at over $1,600,000.

Initiated and completed a successful civil suit against the Catholic Church on behalf of a whistle-blower priest.

Trained the senior executive staff of a U.S. company to enter productive markets in Saudi Arabia.

Stopped an embezzlement prosecution with no prison time for the client.

Negotiated the acquisition of $15,000,000 in intellectual property by a Geneva-based corporation from a U.S. firm in Colorado.

Prevented the international kidnapping of a child using the Hague Convention on Parental Abduction.

Obtained a federal acquittal of a New England woman wrongfully indicted for terrorism.

Ended New York estate battle, which had stretched over 9 years, in less than 10 months after being retained.

Negotiated an individual settlement following the wrongful firing of a career police officer in Florida.

Provided courtroom training to members of the Balkan Bar Association at multiple locations in the former Yugoslavia.

Completed the divestiture of a $12,000,000 U.S. division to a pharmaceutical company in France.

Obtained injunction against U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security stopping an unlawful deportation.

Represented Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency before Senate Intelligence Committee.

Settled SEC proceedings projected to take 5 years and cost $25,000,000 in only 9 months for $2,700,000.

Obtained dismissal of suit brought by CEO of public company in New Jersey for wrongful termination.

Achieved low cost settlement of corporate takeover battle for U.S. company in Afghanistan.

Exonerated U.S. business woman of civil and criminal claims arising from NGO activities in Zambia.

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