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What people say . . .



The most creative and solution-oriented lawyer I have ever met."

                                                                               Senior Partner, U.S. Law firm, New York, New York


"A highly esteemed and reliable collaborator".

                                                                               Austrian Ambassador Werner Almhofer


"The best thing that ever happened to our company."

                                                                               US Manufacturing CEO, Colorado

"We certainly can't thank you guys enough for everything you've done. You walked into a huge mess that went on for

years and managed to clean it up in a matter of months. Having you in my corner has restored my hope in a future"

                                                                               Private client, Alaska

"Robert McDaniel is a superb attorney and diplomat.  I highly

recommend his professional services and legal advice."

                                                                               Private client

                                                                               New Jersey


"[The Chairman] called in Bob McDaniel, a veteran federal prosecutor

who had dug [another company] out of its mess in 1997."

                                                                               Forbes Magazine


"If your company didn't have McDaniel you would no longer exist."

                                                Senior Partner, U.S. Law firm, Boston

""A great job, Bob."

                                                Marvelous Marvin Hagler,

                                                                        World Boxing Champion

"If it's complicated and difficult there is nobody better."

                                                International Company CEO,Dubai, UAE


"The best leader we ever had."

                                                OSCE international attorney, Vienna

"Those who have had the privilege of working with you have the

highest praise for your expert legal guidance and your superlative

courtroom demeanor."

                                                FBI Director William S. Sessions


International Lawyer of the Year, 2012:


Forbes Magazine:  "A Near Death Experience"








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Robert E. McDaniel, somewhere

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